Welcome to the Datsun and Nissan owners Club website

The club has been set up to assist in the preservation and maintenance of all classic Nissan cars and vans, which covers all cars badged as Datsuns, as well as 1980’s Nissan cars.


Membership is free, you simply have to sign yourself up to the forum. Whether you need advice, are looking to buy or sell, would like to see some cars at an event or simply learn more about the cars, the forum is the heart of the community. There are threads consisting of the following:

  • Members cars, Motorsports, Datsun spots and car security
  • Event news, past and future
  • Technical information, keeping your car on the road, parts interchangability, DIY advice
  • Sales and wanted ads, links to sales websites and cars for sale within the community
  • Brochure scans and model reviews, including scans from JDM, US and European brochures
  • Hundreds of unique images and insight into the cars
  • Years of advice and know how